Team Leadership

We lead teams to success. Creating collaborative growth environments where trainers, coaches and consultants can do their best work. 

Momentum is what happens when

Organizations align resources for maximum effectiveness

Getting Better Faster.

It's the new paradigm for success.
Lets do it together.

Momentum is a performance improvement company.  We focus our energy within the automotive industry serving leading brands, OEM's and forward thinking dealer groups. We love to help pro-active dealer's get better faster by selling and marketing the way people want to buy today. We serve clients within the USA, Canada and Internationally in areas such as training facilitation, performance coaching, in-dealership consulting, instructional design and performance architecture.  

We specialize in helping clients deliver world-class service, sell the way people want to buy, consultative selling strategies, negotiation free and hassle free sales strategies, digital design and process improvement to deliver fast and easy customer sales experiences, integration of on-line and in-store sales processes, innovative fixed operations training and coaching, sales and marketing strategy and execution, profitability analysis and improvement, employee engagement and involvement, eCommerce sales, phone sales success, digital selling, BDC creation and development, digital process improvement, management and leadership development, leadership coaching, effective sales team development, in-store train-the-trainer development, sales associate recruiting, sales associate on-boarding, retention strategies.

We love to support dealers in fixed and variable operations. On the service side we provide service advisor and service manager training, service drive analysis, fixed operations sales and profitability enhancement, innovative video-based service drive coaching, throughput analysis, time analysis, efficiency and productivity enhancement, effective labor rate analysis and grid pricing development.  

We help dealers set-up innovative continuous improvement teams, employee engagement strategies and internal communications to attract and retain the best. We have a strong history in areas like change management, culture change, organizational development, team development, team building, self-directed work teams, organizational alignment, conflict resolution, conflict management, maximizing human resources.

Performance architecture

We help teams assess and align resources for maximum performance, identifying gaps and illuminating opportunities.

Facilitation & Coaching

We  bring learning and performance improvement to life with engaging facilitation and focused coaching.  

Our passion... Helping dealers to align resources, identify opportunities for growth, developing targeted solutions and developing your people to create astounding results.  It's what we do...

Instructional Design

We collaboratively design solutions that produce results, using cutting-edge learning and performance designs. 

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